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she blooms.

even when the


engulfs her.

-becca lee

Photo Credit - Vanessa Mayberry

HI! I'm Janelle Mona Marie & the creator behind STUDIO BLOOM CO.

My expressive intuitive art + earring designs are inspired by the magic I see in the world around me. 

The process of working with my hands, layering, adding colors, shapes, playing with lines based on how I am feeling has become extremely therapeutic for me.  With a curious heart and a willingness to learn I quickly fell in love with puttering + creating in my studio. 

In exploring what I am craving, leaning into the discomfort of  the unknowns, following my curiosity & trusting my intuition, I have adopted a new meditative practice + perspective on life. 

This journey has allowed me the opportunity to play, laugh & trust my heart again.

Thank you for being here.



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