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Fresh Recipe! Rosemary ginger ICED tea!

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Summer has always been my favorite season. Seriously...What's there not to like?

As a kid, we'd kick summer's off with our annual family camping trip and we'd setup camp at West Hawk in the Whiteshell for 3 weeks. A family of 6... camping in a tent trailer & an extra tent for the older kids... = CHAOS and a Ton of fun! Our camping trips would always include stops at the local chip truck (the TiKi Bar), "Pizza Hut" dinner in Kenora on a rainy days, hikes on the hunt lake trail and of course, numerous beach days on the West Hawk Lake beach soaking up the sun eating mom's pic-nic sandwiches (stuffed with old dutch chips or even better....doritos!).

I am on a 1 week stay-cation now (my first...ever! and absolutely loving in. I have had time to play, take long off-leash walks with Harvey, paint, create and just "be" in my home. I am lovin'all of the extra time in the day to sip on coffee, workout, cook & meet up with friends.

Here's a recipe I recently tried out and LOVED so wanted to share with you as we dive into August. Thanks to my girl friend Jess K. for inspiring me to try this out and introducing me to this lovely local brand!


  • 500 ml of your favorite herbal or green tea *

  • 1 ginger shot from - local gal here in Winnipeg! Check her out!

  • A sprig Rosemary (optional)

  • 4-5 ice cubes

*I used a steeped "Nettle Greek Mountain" tea from Sipology and it turned out great! That being said, you can most likely use any of your favorite herbal or green teas to make this tasty treat! Comment below if you try out the recipe and let me know what type of tea you used !


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