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Studio Bloom Co. explores Maui

About 2 months go now, I was approached by my photographer + friend, Vanessa Mayberry for the opportunity to collaborate with her + another local photographer. I was so so excited to share my creations + work with other local artists! I am absolutely over the moon on the turnout of the photo shoot. I hope you enjoy!

I have never been to Maui but I literally felt like i had a secret little behind the scenes glimpse of the magic that the island brings to those who visit it.

I have a huge love + respect for the art of photography. I myself took a photography class at a local school + is that ever humbling... needless to say, these 2 gals rocked the photo shoot and exceeded my expectations! So grateful for the opportunity!

Check out + give them a follow @vanessamayberry @jozannatheolynn

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I love the pictures Maui looks like a little piece of heaven and your earrings are a very nice touch.

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