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Eat, Drink & Be Merry!

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

I don't know about you, but the holiday parties around here are in full swing! Wherever I go there's a special nog cocktail, mounds of dainty platters and scrumptious appetizers at my fingertips!

The holidays bring an array of gatherings which in my world, this equals busy days, late nights, drinks & lots of delicious food. This year, I really want to enjoy the holiday season without feeling like I'm a complete slug by December 31.

I am here to share mindful tips & tricks for the holidays. I hope you find them helpful as we embark on the December buzzzzz....

Take some time for yourself over the holidays. Whether it's a 5 minute meditation, a nap, or curling up on the couch to read a book. Take time to recharge and just "be".


Does your mom make theeeeee best butter tarts? Are you a sucker for those homemade peanut butter balls your aunt makes? That's OK! We all have our favourite holiday treats that make the traditions extra special!

"The last thing you want to do is refrain yourself from eating anything FUN! TRUST ME when I say that this is a recipe for disaster!"
December means cheese board season in our family! Charcuterie is one of those things that I LOVE having with a glass of my favourite red wine.

Prior to grabbing that special treat at the next family gathering, ask yourself.... "Do I really want this "(insert delicious item here)"?

If the answer is YES....truly a full on, YES!- then please, have it ! You work hard throughout the year to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and you do not want to be restraining yourself over the entire month of December by eating hemp seed hearts & celery sticks. Eat the cake (if this is your YES!) & enjoy it, guilt free! When you're eating the cake, truly savour each bite and express gratitude for the food you are about to enjoy and your body's ability to digest it.

If the answer to your question is something along the lines "Well, I've had 5 cookies already, I might as well just have a dozen" or "My stomach hurts already so HECK, why not go for the gusto?" or one of my personal favourites " I haven't tried THAT dainty yet and I'm curious...I don't want to miss out on any of the good stuff!".

Trust me when I say this to you - I have dialogued all of these answers in my own mind. When you are mindlessly reaching for the sweets/chips/appetizer... there is typically an underlying tone to that behaviour.

Are you in a place of love/acceptance towards your body? Or fear/self-sabotage? Are you feeding yourself with food to fill a void in your life? Are you reaching to the treats for comfort?

Next time you are hovering over the appetizer table and reaching for that 6th serving of taco dip (speaking from experience, trust me!)....prompt yourself to ask yourself these questions?

  • Do I really want this __insert temptation___?

  • How do I feel right now? (ie. anxious, nervous, excited, lonely)

  • What is my intention when eating this? (comfort, to nurture, simple pleasure, enjoyment)

Last but not least....Eat your veggies!

Most gatherings I attend will have some type of salad, veggie platter or side dish. So have momma bear's delicious stuffing, turkey w/ gravy and those cheesy scalloped potatoes... with a side of veg ;) . Your body will thank you! These are packed with dietary fibre & nutrients that help support your immune system and digestion.


Some of our gatherings over the holidays start EARLY in the day. With that, comes the coffee & bailey's, mimosa's, beer & clam.... (the list can go on!)

If you're somebody who enjoys having a glass of wine with dinner or an egg nog by the fire, please! ALLOW yourself that! Whether your cocktail or mocktail has alcohol, just be mindful when reaching for the next drink. Do you really want that glass of wine? Or is it expected of you to have a drink?

"If you don't feel like having an alcoholic beverage, it's ok to say no! "

Trust me... it's OK to say no to booze if you don't feel like having a drink. You may get some comments from the peanut gallery challenging your decision but that's ok :) Stay true to yourself and what YOU need in that very moment.

'I just enjoy drinking anything out of a beautiful sparkly glass!"

Be creative with your drinks! Fun drinks don't always have to be BOOZY! Here are some of my favourite mocktails!

  • We are on a big KOMBUCHA kick in our family so I pour myself a sparkly glass! My favourite brand these days is BREW Dr. which can be found at our local Costco here in Winnipeg!

  • Almond/coconut milk nog - I "cut" mine with an unsweetened vanilla almond milk so that it's not quite as sweet! Add some cinnamon, nutmeg...voila!

  • Sparkling/soda water with some fresh fruit and herb garnish (mint, rosemary, raspberries, orange, cucumber) Yummmola!

H -2 -0

Keep drinking that water to stay hydrated throughout the festivities and your body will thank you! This isn't rocket science but something we tend to forget especially when at somebody else's home!


Creating balance and a healthy lifestyle over the holidays doesn't have to be a daunting task. Your routine over the holidays will most likely be different but that doesn't mean it has to go out the window!

"Late nights, big meals and high sugar intake. Don't worry... you got this!"

Meditation & Gratitude:

My morning meditation & gratitude practice have become an essential part of my day. This is the first thing I do every morning and I truly believe that it contributes to the flow of my day.

Infusing a 10 minute guided meditation and a short gratitude practice are great ways to stay in the present moment. Note, I did say "short" and only because it doesn't take very long to sputter off 5 things you are grateful for! Try implementing this into your holidays by:

  1. Jotting down gratitude in a personal journal.

  2. Sharing what you are grateful for aloud to a friend.

Staying Active:

In an effort to get moving and refresh my energy over the holidays, I like to do something active outside with my family! Whether it be a big family walk in the snow (trust me when I say this is a WORKOUT!), skating on the outdoor rink or tobogganing with the kiddo's. It's nice to be outside and connect as a family! For me, being outside is always so nurturing!

I am not likely to do a "formal" workout on Christmas Day....My intention over the holidays is to be with my family and spend quality time together. The gym can wait!

Santa comes once a year.... enjoy!

The holiday season comes once a year & you want to enjoy! Trust me when I tell you that you CAN enjoy all of it's goodness without throwing your body into a tailspin. It's all about balance! Making mindful decisions, taking care of your body and having fun with loved ones along the way!

What brings your joy over the holidays?

Comment below! I'd love to hear from you!


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